Images of babies eating

As the last image series including sleeping babies has achieved great success I decided to offer you some more babies in everyday activities - this time eating. This was obvious choice as babies often sleep and eat in the same time, or get to sleep while eat, or whatever but those two things are connected in babies lives. Anyway, here are 10 images of sweet little babies while eating. No need to say some pictures are messy :)

Baby eating its foot! I am going to eat myself! 

Baby eating carrot. Nice carrot mmmmmmm!

Baby doesn't like its meal. Dude, this is not nice!

Baby eating bread and peanut butter. I can do it!

Baby eating slice of bread. I like bread!

Baby eating fruits. What a nice grapes!

Hehe, I have two teeth and a piece of apple!

Gimme more daddy!

This is usually how it ends. Chocolate all over.

Did i mess myself?
Well, i got hungry myself. Cheers!

Saturday, 10 March 2012 by Author
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