Images of home-made bread

There is no much things that can be compared to smell of fresh bread. Some says that this smell can be health hazard because many people can't resist to it. Anyway it is one of my top smells, along the one of fresh coffee in the morning, so I decided to dedicate this series of images to the one and only - bread. Bread on this pictures is home-made bread, mostly from black flour. It is my favourite type. So not to drag with words let's get to pictures! Bread:

picture of nice home made black bread

On this image there is black home made bread with some seeds, I am not sure which one but it looks delicious

This is typical example of home made bread

It can't get any better then this

Well maybe it does. This is one of the blackest breads I ever saw, and it is sprinkled with some seeds.

Another photo of home made bread.

Fresh home made bread and cup of coffee. Is there any better way to start the day?

Nice crust on this one!

Bread on this image looks like they are waiting for customers. Freshly baked!

Baking bread - old school! This is how we roll!
Hope this series of images inspired you to bake some bread and enjoy it with friends or family. Well that would be all for this time, like they say in the cartoons - that's all folks! 

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