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This post subject - king of the jungle, your royal highness - The Lion! One of the biggest cats, well know for its mane. In this series of pictures I hope to present some of the aspects of this animal life and meaning in our culture. So here it is - The lion!

If you today want to see live lion this is how most of you gonna see it - in the cage, or in the circus. Not counting people in Africa who can see it on their way to the neighbor :)

The other way to see lion in modern world today is of course on TV and the most famous lion in Hollywood today is surely Simba - The Lion King

This is a one nice portrait of  his royal majesty The Lion

Although they are hunters, lions sometimes can be even a prey. Of course, in that case, the hunter is usually a man. Well no usually, it is always a man, because lions don't have natural enemies.

Lion cub - so sweet until they grow up :)

Lion dad and a cub.

Ancient wall carvings of hunted lion.

Lion mom and her cub.

Albino lion, or white lion, or some kind of lion Santa!?

For the end - The lion!

Hope you enjoyed this series of lion images. Have a nice day! 

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